Our Philosophy

We have been working with children in our area for many years and provide opportunities to complete homework, including peer or adult tutoring for children who request assistance, opportunities to read books. We also encourage kiddos to write and give ideas for topics to foster creativity.

We provide space, materials, and activities to support children's interests and curiosity by encouraging them to try, explore, and expand their interests, this creates opportunities for children to learn and expand understating of basic science and math concepts.

We involve children in observing and investigating natural events and objects, sorting and classifying, searching for patterns, noting differences and similarities, and writing about what they see. We involve children in cooking activities that include reading and following directions and measuring.

We engage children in sustained project work, seeking solutions to concrete problems, observing and recording changes in the environment, and working with tools. We engage children in representing their understanding in their various and unique ways, including drawing, writing, speaking, and drama

Paint Brushes


Learning Through Play

Drawing Time


We understand life gets hectic and you can't always anticipate the need for childcare. This is why we offer the 'Drop-In Adventure' for your little one as an urgent or emergency care option. These spots do fill up quickly though, so as soon as you know you need care contact us!

Children's Race


Our Summer Program follows a similar program as our full time adventure but is tailored towards keeping minds sharp and ample exercise in the months between school years. This program fills up quickly so make sure to reserve your spot today. 

Kids Blowing Bubbles


Our full time school year program offers different programs depending on needs of the family and the age of the children. Please call to discuss your specific needs.

Teenagers in Library


After structured free time and snack, we provide opportunities to complete homework, including peer or adult tutoring for children who request assistance, opportunities to read books.
We encourage kiddos to write and give ideas for topics.
Provide space, materials, and activities to support children's interests and curiosity. 



Mission Statement

It is my pleasure to care for, protect, teach and nurture the children in a loving and understanding manner and provide attention that each child needs during the absence of the parent. We like to offer each child preschool styled learning experiences, developmentally appropriate activities and materials, and help him/her to gain a sense of both trust and independence by learning to do things for him/herself.

A schedule will be used so the children will feel secure in what happens during the day, but leaves the actual activities open to spontaneity and individual child preferences. We make every effort to provide children with a varied and stimulating program that encourages them to learn, play and explore. This includes group experiences, one-on-one experiences, structured and unstructured activities, and plenty of socialization. We use the art, dancing and music for Learning Preschool curriculum.

Daily activities are planned to meet each child’s developmental level. We believe in promoting a very positive environment that focuses on each child’s strengths rather than weaknesses.

We are dedicated to providing children with quality play opportunities. Play includes exploring the world with all the senses, practicing physical skills, manipulating objects and mastering challenges.

We uphold old time values and courtesies so often lost in this day and age. We also emphasize taking care of children’s basic needs by providing healthy meals, regular naps and making sure we have a clean, happy and loving environment. Home daycare promotes early bonding, which encourages stability throughout life. We have built some wonderful relationships. We are a home away from home.


18310 NE 164th St
Brush Prairie, Clark County 98606

1 (360) 521-2344

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